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  • English Language Arts Teacher Certification Program Requirements

    Degree programs offered by the College of Liberal Arts and its departments share a common core of courses. Students in these programs must complete the Basic Curriculum, and the major curriculum listed below.

    English majors pursuing teacher certification in English Language Arts should follow the pattern below. Students should refer to the College of Education section of the Catalogue for a listing of additional requirements for teacher certification.

    EH 221, British Literature I
    EH 222, British Literature II

    EH 231, American Literature I
    EH 232, American Literature II 
    EH 213, Honors Literature I
    EH 214, Honors Literature II

    EH 301, Advanced Composition
    EH 302, Introduction to Research
    EH 422, Shakespeare
    EH 440, Literary Criticism
    EH 460, Advanced Grammar and Linguistics
    EH 480, Teaching Composition
    EH 489, Tutorial Practicum for Teachers

    Choice of the following electives in English 
        EH 310, Popular Culture 
        EH 311, Women’s Literature 
        EH 330, African-American Literature 
        EH 335, Southern Literature

    Additional Courses in the Teaching Field 
        EE 304, Literature for Children and Young Adults 
        JN 200, Introduction to Mass Communication

    Two of the following three Journalism courses 
        JN 219, Journalism Practicum: Print 
        JN 259, Journalism Practicum: Publishing 
        JN 279, Journalism Practicum: Broadcasting

    SH 100, Principles of Public Speaking 
    SH 150, Professional Speaking
    TH 100, Introduction to Theatre
    TH 211, Acting 
    TH 480, Producing the School Play
    Electives in Language Arts (6)