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  • English Program Requirements

    Degree programs offered by the College of Liberal Arts and its departments share a common core of courses. Students in these programs must complete the Basic Curriculum, and the major curriculum listed below.

    The English core 
        EH 301 Advanced Composition 
        EH 302 Introduction to Research 
        EH 422 Shakespeare

    The English distribution requirements 
        EH 221 and 222 British Literature I and II 
        EH 231 and 232 American Literature 1 and II 
            (Basic Curriculum call for one of the sequences; 
            here the student should take the other sequence) 

        At least one 400-level course in British Literature before 1800 
            EH 421 Chaucer and Selected Medieval Literature
            EH 423 English Literature of the Seventeenth Century 
            EH 424 Restoration and Eighteenth Century British Literature
            EH 426 The English Novel 

        At least two 400-level courses in British literature after 1800 
            EH 410 Twentieth Century Poetry 
            EH 425 Nineteenth-Century English Poetry 
            EH 426 The English Novel 
            EH 450 Contemporary Fiction 
            EH 498 Selected Topics in English 

        At least two of the following courses in American Lit 
            EH 410 Twentieth Century Poetry 
            EH 436 The American Novel 
            EH 450 Contemporary Fiction 
            EH 498 Selected topics in English 

    The creative writing courses (EH 370, EH 379, and EH 470) may be used for one of the requirements. 

        At least one of the following: 
            EH 310 Popular Culture 
            EH 311 Women’s Literature 
            EH 330 African-American Literature 
            EH 335 Southern Literature

        At least one of the following: 
            EH 440 Literary Criticism 
            EH 460 Advanced Grammar and Linguistics


    • At least twelve (12) hours of a foreign language and a survey course in English history are also suggested for English majors, especially those intending to enter graduate school.
    • The total number of hours in EH 370, EH 470, and EH 379 that an English major or minor may use in meeting major or minor requirements is limited to four (4).