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  • Elementary Education Program Requirements   Available Online 

    All students seeking certification in any field shall be required to complete a general survey course in Special Education (3 semester hours) if such a course was not a part of their undergraduate program or another graduate program. A research component including research and/or field work will be an integral part of all specialist programs in education.

    A candidate who took a course for credit in a master's level program cannot take the same course for credit in the education specialist program. Completion of sixth-year programs requires at least 30 semester hours of credit not used for prior level certification in the same teaching field.

    Program Admission Requirements

    The candidate shall:

    1. Meet all requirements for admission to the School of Graduate Studies.
    2. Provide verification of background clearance/fingerprints.
    3. Hold a valid master's level Professional Educator Certificate in Elementary Education.
    4. Have had recent experience in the area of specialization.

    I. Conditional Admission Required Courses: 9 hours

    • ED 604. Advanced Educational Research (3)
    • IL 671. Advanced Educational Law (3)
    • IL 673. Models of Exemplary Leadership in Education (3)

    II. Unconditional Admission Required Courses: 24 hours

    A. Professional Course: 3 hours

    • ED 601. Curriculum Design (3)

    B. Teaching Field: 21 hours

    • EE 620. Teaching the Diverse Learner (3)
    • EE 621. Teaching Reading in the Content Areas (3)
    • EE 622. Learning Theory and Instructional Practice in Elementary Mathematics and Science (3)
    • EE 623. Best Practices in Language Arts (3)
    • EE 624. Curriculum and Instruction in Early Childhood Programs (3)
    • EE 627. Educational Assessment (3)
    • EE 628. School Reform Models in Elementary Schools (3)

    Total Required: 33 hours


    • Students who have not previously met the special education requirement must take a general survey course in special education (SE 500).
    • A teacher with a valid bachelor's level Professional Educator Certificate in elementary education and a valid master's level Professional Educator Certificate in reading may be unconditionally admitted to a Class AA program in elementary education.
    • This program is also offered online.

    Program Completion Requirements

    The following requirements must be met prior to completion of the sixth-year programs.

    The candidate shall:

    1. Maintain a minimum grade point average of 3.25 in all courses in the approved program as verified on an official transcript with no grade less than "C."
    2. Make a satisfactory score on a written comprehensive examination documenting mastery of the curriculum of the teacher education program.
    3. Demonstrate leadership ability in his or her area of specialization.
    4. Hold a valid master's level Professional Educator Certificate in Elementary Education.

    Additional Information. If an individual completes an Alabama Education Specialist program based on a master's level certificate from another state and applies for Alabama certification at the Class AA level, the individual must earn an Alabama Class A (master's level) Professional Educator Certificate prior to applying for the Class AA certificate.