• The University of West Alabama's
    Practical Experience Teacher Education Model

    Practical Experience Teacher Education Model



     Practical experience teachers engage in the following process skills:

    • Collaboration to maximize learning potential for their students and to promote their own professional development;
    • Application of knowledge in all teaching areas as they progress toward effectively promoting academic achievement among P-12 students;
    • Inquiry in response to teaching/learning situations as they make their own discoveries and develop the ability to pose questions and think critically when planning and making other decisions;
    • Reflections to analyze teaching/learning situations, develop deeper understandings of these situations, and generate alternatives.

    At each level of their program teacher education candidates display the dispositions to:

    1. collaborate with peers, supervisors, parents, students, and others;
    2. apply knowledge and pedagogy, including technology, in all teaching areas to promote achievement among P – 12 students;
    3. demonstrate inquiry by posing questions and thinking critically when planning and making other decisions;
    4. reflect thoughtfully by examining conditions, attitudes, and educational practices which may enhance or impede student achievement;
    5. respond to the needs of all learners by respecting the individuality of each student when planning instructional activities to maximize student achievement;
    6. exhibit professionalism which embodies a strong commitment to on-going professional development, ethical conduct, and student advocacy;
    7. demonstrate reliability by completing assignments, duties and tasks on time;
    8. communicate with confidence and clarity;
    9. demonstrate confidence in the student’s abilities to succeed and routinely communicate high expectations;
    10. exhibit enthusiasm and compassion; and
    11. be technologically proficient.