• Dean of the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics 

    The University of West Alabama seeks qualified applicants for the position of Dean of the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics. UWA is a regional university with an enrollment of approximately 4,200 students, with 520 majors in the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics. There are 25 full-time faculty members in the College, 80 percent of whom hold the terminal degree.  

    The College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics is organized into three departments, the Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences, with majors in Biology, Biology Comprehensive, Biology Education, Environmental Sciences Comprehensive, Marine Biology Comprehensive, and General Science Education and minors in Biology, Environmental Sciences, and Medical Sciences; the Department of Mathematics, with majors in Mathematics, Mathematics Education, Mathematics-Actuarial Science Track and Mathematics-Computer Information Systems and a minor in Mathematics; and the Department of Physical Sciences, with majors in Chemistry and Chemistry Education and a minor in Chemistry. The West Alabama Environmental Services Center, which provides service to educational institutions, industries, and governmental bodies, is also a part of the College.  

    The successful candidate will be an individual who meets the qualifications listed below and who demonstrates that he/she possesses qualities that will enable him/her to provide strong and visionary leadership to the College, both in its academic programs and in its outreach to external constituencies, especially area schools and industries and governmental offices that deal with relevant areas, such as environmental concerns.

    Effective Date:  August 2014, or earlier if practical


    1. The terminal degree in a science discipline in which the College offers programs
    2. Demonstrated excellence in teaching at the university level
    3. A successful record of research activities
    4. Proven administrative skills
    5. Successful experience with grants
    6. Strong communication and interpersonal skills that will enable the candidate to work effectively with students, faculty, other administrators, and external constituencies


    1. Successful experience in university administration at chairperson level or above
    2. Experience with accrediting agencies on regional and national levels
    3. Experience at a regional university
    4. Experience in online academic offerings


    1. Provide energetic and creative leadership of the College while carrying out the duties of Dean as listed below
    2. Fulfill teaching responsibilities of a Dean (usually one three- or four- semester-hour course in the fall and spring semesters)

    Salary: Salary dependent upon training and experience; excellent benefits package.

    Application Deadline: Review of applications begins January 3, 2014, and continues until position is filled.

    To Apply: Send materials listed below to:

                College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Decanal Search
                Station 25
                The University of West Alabama
                Livingston, Alabama 35470-2099

    1. A letter of application
    2. A current résumé or vita
    3. At least three current letters of professional reference
    4. Transcripts of all college work (Unofficial transcripts will suffice for the application;   official transcripts must be submitted immediately upon employment) 


    Duties of the Dean of the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics


    The Dean of the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics is responsible for all matters relating to the instructional programs within the College, including the various courses of study, the teaching faculty, class scheduling, student registration, and physical and financial resources. The Dean works in cooperation with the Department Chairpersons, the other Deans, the Provost, University committees and councils, and other members of the faculty and staff to meet these responsibilities. More specifically, the Dean performs the following: 

    1. Coordinates, and participates in, a continuing, systematic, and broad-based process of planning and evaluation of the educational activities of teaching, research, and public service.
    2. Coordinates the preparation of departmental budgets and supervises spending within the college, approving specific expenditures when required by State law or University policy.
    3. Coordinates the scheduling of the necessary courses, preparing class schedules each quarter and submitting them to the Provost, and supervises all instruction offered by the college, both on campus and off.
    4. Allots the space and other physical resources assigned to the college for the support of the instructional program, continuing education activities, and other approved purposes.
    5. Assigns advisors, maintains advising folders on students, and otherwise supervises the registration of all students in the college.
    6. Evaluates and approves official student records and requests, including transcripts of transfer students, applications for graduation, exceptional class schedules, and such special requests as those relating to transient student status, correspondence work, etc.
    7. Supervises the recruitment of faculty and academic staff, accepting applications, receiving recommendations from Department Chairpersons and search committees, and making recommendations to the Provost.
    8. Provides orientation for new faculty and continuing opportunities for faculty development through in-service meetings, consultants, counseling, travel, etc.
    9. Participates in the ongoing evaluation of faculty for purposes of development, promotion and tenure decisions, and re-appointment.
    10. Maintains records on faculty qualifications, faculty workloads, faculty absences, and related matters and, as required, submits to the appropriate administrative offices the necessary forms and reports relating to faculty, such as faculty evaluation documents, annual sick leave records, payroll forms, travel requests, etc.
    11. Coordinates, with the Department Chairperson, the employment of adjunct faculty.
    12. Coordinates the annual review of the Planning and Assessment documents for the College and prepares submissions for consideration by the Institutional Effectiveness Council.
    13. Encourages and coordinates College fundraising and grand writing efforts.
    14. Coordinates student recruitment for the College, working with the Office of Admissions and Enrollment Management.
    15. Submits each year to the Provost a corrected and updated copy of the appropriate sections of the General Catalogue and the Graduate Catalogue.
    16. Provides a means of communication between the faculty and the central administration.
    17. Coordinates continuing education and community service programs, workshops, conferences, and related activities within the college.
    18. Provides liaison with the public and with the higher education community, serving as a University representative to appropriate professional groups within the State and elsewhere.
    19. Participates in the general coordination of the University greenhouses, nature trails, wildflower gardens, and museum and herbarium collections.
    20. Coordinates and provides administrative oversight to the West Alabama Environmental Services Center, providing service to educational institutions, industries, and governmental bodies.
    21. Performs other duties as requested by the Provost and the President.
  • Only complete applications will be considered.

    The University of West Alabama does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, religion, age, disability or sexual orientation in employment, or the provision of services.

    Minority applications encouraged.

    For details on benefit package go to www.uwa.edu/Current_Openings.aspx