• Editorial Policies

    Guide for Manuscript Contributors

    The Alabama Review publishes only original essays and will not consider submissions that have published elsewhere in any form. Manuscripts currently under consideration for publication elsewhere will not be considered and should not be submitted. Manuscripts that are intended to be part of a future larger work (such as a chapter of an unpublished book) may be considered if the manuscript will appear in the Review before the larger work is published.

    Manuscripts will be reviewed in the order they are received. The editor will review each submission as soon as possible to determine whether it will be sent to referees for appraisal. The referees are normally given four to six weeks to submit their opinion of the manuscript. Once both reports are back, the editor will review them and make a decision whether to accept the manuscript for publication, return it to the author for improvements, or reject it. Please understand that this process takes time, and that the Review's editorial staff juggle several duties. We will handle all submissions as swiftly as possible, but delays are inevitable.

    Prepare manuscripts according to The Chicago Manual of Style, 15th ed. If you do not have access to the Manual, see the Citation Quick Guide available on its Web site. Please consult recent issues of The Alabama Review for variations in note style. All material must be typed and double-spaced, including extracts and notes. Do not use subheads in the article's text. Leave ample margins. Use footnotes (typed at bottom of page) rather than end notes (typed at end of essay). Place note numbers in the text immediately after the appropriate punctuation mark.

    Submit three hard copies of your manuscript and an electronic file in MS Word for Windows; send the electronic file as an e-mail attachment (this file may also be sent on diskette or CD). Please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope if you want us to return your manuscript after a publishing decision has been made.

    During the initial submission, illustrations may be sent as copies. If the manuscript is accepted for publication, higher resolution copies must be available for the Review's use. Photos must be scanned at a minimum 300 dpi grayscale and saved as a TIF file. Line art (cartoons, maps) must be scanned at a minimum 1200 dpi and saved as an EPS file. Appropriate permissions must be obtained in order to print illustrations.

    Book Review Policies

    The Alabama Review does not accept unsolicited reviews. We maintain a list of qualified potential reviewers. If you would like to register as a reviewer, please contact us via e-mail or at the editorial office. We publish reviews of recent books on Alabama history from any chronological period, as well as works on southern history, broadly defined, that hold significance for the study of Alabama. Book reviews should be written for scholarly and non-scholarly audiences.