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  • Application for Admission to UWA

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    International Student
    If you are an international student applying for admission to UWA, please visit the International Programs website.
    First Time Student
    I am attending UWA for the first time. I would like to be enrolled at UWA as a NEW freshman, transfer, or graduate student.
    Transient Student
    A transient student is a student enrolled at another institution who wishes to attend UWA for one semester and return to the home institution.
    Seeking a New Degree from UWA
    I have a degree from UWA and I am now seeking a degree of a different level.
    Example: I have a bachelor's degree and wish to seek a master's degree.
    I have a master's degree and wish to seek an education specialist degree.
    Returning Student
    I am a former student previously enrolled at UWA who has left and will be returning to complete my previous degree, or I am a former UWA student who has graduated and will be returning to complete a new degree of the same level.