• Application Requirements 

    Complete an application online CLICK HERE TO APPLY NOW. 

    You can start your application now and save it or submit it.  When you are ready to submit the application, the system will prompt you for a $25 application fee which you can pay online with a credit card.

    After you have submitted your application, if you are a fist-time college student you must submit an acceptable ACT/SAT score (17-18 ACT or 810-890 SAT for conditional admission or 19 ACT or above or 900 SAT or above for unconditional admission) along with an official high school transcript showing course work through the time of application. A final official transcript must be submitted following graduation showing graduation date and diploma type. An official transcript is an un-opened, stamped transcript or an electronic transcript sent directly from the institution.

    If you have previously attended college, you will need to submit official transcripts from all colleges or universities you have attended. Many universities will let you order official transcripts online and have them sent directly to UWA. Visit the website of your past schools to see if online ordering is available.  Direct mail transcripts to:

    Office of Admissions and Enrollment
    UWA Station 4
    Livingston, AL 35470

    Send e-transcripts to:  belliott@uwa.edu or bdill@uwa.edu

    For Master degree programs, you will need to take either the GRE (Graduate Record Exam) or MAT (Millers Analogies Test) and submit your official results to UWA.  You can take the MAT at UWA on two occasions a year.  Click here for the next date the MAT will be offered at UWA ,or click here for a list of MAT testing locations. Click here for information on GRE testing locations and times.  You may have test scores automatically sent to UWA by entering the following school codes: 1737 for the GRE, and 1007 for the MAT.   If you have taken the MAT within the past five (5) years but did not list UWA as a score recipient, you may click here to order an additional score report for a $25 fee and have your official score sent to the School of Graduate Studies.  Scores older than five (5) years cannot be used.  Currently, UWA does not require a specific score on either the GRE or MAT.  UWA considers test scores, transcript GPA, and other factors in its admission evaluation.  Send test scores to:

    UWA Graduate Studies
    UWA Station 31, Test Scores
    Livingston, AL 35470

    Send official emailed results to: cwhitcomb@uwa.edu  

    If you are applying to a teacher education program (M.Ed., M.A.T., Ed.S.) or for teacher certificate renewal coursework, you will need to submit a copy of your valid, renewable teaching certificate to: 

    Office of Admissions and Enrollment
    UWA Station 4
    Livingston, AL  35470

    Send scanned copies to bdill@uwa.edu  

    Click here to learn about Financial Aid options or email finaid@uwa.edu.