• Alternative A: General Science 6-12


        50 hours M.Ed.     |     50 hours M.A.T.


    I. Unconditional Admission Required Courses:

    A. Professional Courses: 28 hours
    • ED 500. Foundations of Education (3)
    • ED 505. Technology and Education (3)
    • ED 504. Techniques of Educational Research (3)
    • ED 506. Educational Statistics (3)
    • ED 508. Technology Portfolio (1)
    • EP 500. Advanced Educational Psychology (3)
    • EP 506. Life-Span Development and Learning (3)
    • ED 585. Methods of Teaching Science (3)
    • ED 501. Educational Planning (3)
    • ED 533. Reading Methods Secondary/P-12 (3)
    • SE 500. Introduction to Special Education (3)
    • ED 509. Internship in Teaching: P-12 (3) 
    B. Teaching Field*:
    • Eighteen (18) hours of advisor approved electives at the 500 level in general science with at least one course in two areas.
    II. Additional Required Courses: 4 hours
    • ED 335. Field Experience P-12 I (1)
    • ED 336. Field Experience P-12 II (1)
    • ED 435. Field Experience P-12 III (1)
    • ED 436. Field Experience P-12 IV (1)

    ** Students must take courses in at least two areas of certification.

    Under no circumstances will Field Experience courses be waived. On-Campus seminars are required for all Field Experience courses.

    A full time internship in an approved school setting is also required in the Alternative A Program. The educator candidate must be within four semester hours of completing all coursework excluding internship. Under no circumstances will the internship be waived. The deadline to apply for Fall Internship is February 1. The deadline for Spring Internship is September 1. On-Campus seminars are required during the Internship semester.


    The Educator Preparation Program and the Educator Certification Program are governed by the Alabama State Department of Education, and the College of Education reserves the right to change requirements in these programs at any time when such changes are mandated by the State Department.