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Have you ever wondered what affects consumer behavior? Are you interested in what motivates people to buy one brand over another? If you’ve ever sold something or pitched an idea to someone, you’ve been a marketer. Within one of the most exciting programs here at UWA, you can build on your experience and gain innovative and practical knowledge of the how and why behind every product and service offered to consumers today. Become an expert in the latest software programs and equipment and learn to lead others in a career that involves everything from branding to sales to advertising, public relations and marketing.


  • Personal Selling

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Marketing Management

  • Retail Management

  • E-Marketing and Social Media

College of Business and Technology

Extra-Curricular Activities

  • Marketing Club

  • Delta Mu Delta


  • Toastmasters

Career Opportunities

  • Marketing Manager

  • Brand Manager

  • Advertising Manager and Specialist

  • Sales Representative and Sales Manager

  • Purchasing Agent and Manager

  • Retail and Wholesale Buyer

  • Merchandise Manager

  • Marketing Research Analyst

  • Logistics Manager

  • Sports Marketing Manager

  • Entrepreneurship

Department of Business Administration, Management, and Marketing contact or 205-652-3444