• Federal Work Study

    Click here for the Federal Work-Study Manual and Payroll Schedule

    Jobs ranging from 10-15 hours per week; minimum wage; various departments on campus and a few community service areas.
    Vacancies for Fall 2017  


    Interview With and Job Description
    Accounts Payables Freda Brown | Webb Hall 215
    Answer phone, type, file, make copies, run errands


    |Webb Hall 303
    Secretarial Assistant with excellent communication skills and computer literacy
     Art/Music Sharon Harwell | Pruitt Hall 5 
    Mix clay, file slides & music, keep art room clean
     Athletic Department Jennifer Aderholt | Homer 221  
    Answer phone, type, file, make copies, run errands; Video Specialist
     Athletic Department Jennifer Aderholt | Field House
    Equipment Manager and Laundry Services
    Athletic Director Penny Dew | Foust 5  
    Answer phones, file and run errands  
    Athletic Training Dr. R.T. Floyd | Homer 219
    Reception for patients, patient evaluations, treatment & rehab (if in athletic training curriculum), file, data entry, make copies, answer phone, run errands, type  
    Biological and Environmental Sciences Dr. Brian Keener | Bibb Graves 105
    Processing and imaging herbarium specimens for the University Herbarium and the Alabama Plant Atlas (floraofalabama.org)
    Black Belt Center of Study Monica Moore | Land Hall 
    Clerical assistant, answering phones, making copies, running errands and filing (requires basic computer knowledge)  
    Black Belt Garden Sam Ledbetter | Physical Plant 
    Horticulturist with basic knowledge of plant maintenance, outdoor environment and a desire for physical labor
    Business Sieglende Fleming | Wallace 207A  Answer phone, type, file, make copies, run errands
    Business Lab  Dr. Wayne Bedford | Wallace 206B 
    Replace all supplies, assist students in lab, maintain security  
    Center for Business and Economic Services Veronica Triplett | Wallace 208B
    Program Assistant:  grant research, clerical support, documentation preparation, email preparation, meeting/special event support, assistance with stand business functions
    Computer Information Systems and Technology Bonnie Dial 
    Clerical assistant, file, running errands, helping in computer lab, and various tasks for professors  
    Curriculum and Instruction Dr. Esther Howard | Lyon Hall Computer skills, answer phone, file, run errands, make copies
    Division of Online Programs   Jan Miller | Bibb Graves 123 
    Answer phones, typing, file and run errands  
    Division of Outreach Services  Sheena Turner | Hunt Annex 128  
    Assist with the marketing of program activities
    Education Paulette Fox | Lyon Hall  Computer skills, answer phone, make copies, run errands, file
    Financial Aid  Charmaine Truelove| Webb 334  
    Answer phones, file, process mail, assist students and parent
    Graduate Office  Dee Dee Hines | Lyon Hall
     Answer phone, file, make copies & send faxes (requires basic computer knowledge)
    Housing Luther Gremmels | Brock 121  
    Answer phones, make copies, type, file and run errands
    International Programs Mark Davis | International Programs House
    Assist the transition of international students to the UWA campus and local community. Requires a valid Driver’s license and proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite  
    Intramurals Shane Ferrara | SUB
    Officiate games, set up prior to events, maintain fields, office work  
    Lake LU

    Roger Limerick | Lake LU | Cut grass, help with maintenance of grounds and lake, run errands

    Languages & Literature Sara Walker | Wallace 307P 
    Answer phone, file, run errands, make copies  
    Languages & Literature Writing Center position
    Assist students with computers
    Languages & Literature Livingston Press position
    Assists with mailing lists, orders, shipping  
    Leadership Instruction Lydia Kelley | Lyon Hall | Computer skills, answer phone, file, run errands, make copies  
    Library John Upchurch | Library 
    Shelve books, provide information to patrons, assist patrons  
    Liberal Arts  Dr. Ashley Dumas | Land Hall
    Answer phones, file & make copies, monitor computer labs  
    Liberal Arts Dr. Tina Jones| Fort Tombigbee position 
    Works with artifacts, works on display, helps with research, works on publications  
    Media Center Dr.  Neil Snider | Library  
    Need basic computer skills/or typing, answer phone, staff desk, maintain placement of materials
    Natural Science & Math Margaret Rundles | Bibb Graves 108C
    Answer phone, file, run errands, set up freshman labs
    Natural Science & Math Lab   Margaret Rundles| Bibb Graves 108C Monitor sign-in sheet & enforce lab rules
    Nursing Susan Goodwin | Brock 103  
    Can not be a Nursing major, answer phone, make copies, run errands, use computer, filing
    Physical Education Beverly Duke | Bibb Graves 217  Answer phone, make copies, run errands, computer knowledge, filing
    Physical Plant Mike Spencer | Moon Hall  
    Answer phone, file, help with deliveries
    Printing Jimmy Robinson | Webb 116  
    Answer phone, file, make copies, type, work reception area, run printing equipment, learn graphic design & one position requires heavy lifting.
    Provost Holly Holycross | Webb 102  
    Answer phone, file, use computer  
    Public Relations Betsy Compton | Webb 332
    Office Assistant with excellent organizational and writing skills
    Registrar Susan Sparkman | Webb 321  
    Answer phone, file, type, use computers, wait on students
    Sponsored Programs       Rodney Granec | Choctaw Tavern  
    Research Assistant
    Sports Information    Kent Partridge | Foust 5K  
    Must have sports knowledge, work some nights & weekends, being staff member at home games & keeping stats and minutes, filing, use computers and run errands
    Student Activities Jason Gardner | SUB  
    Answer phone, file, use computer and run errands
    Student Support Services Pam Hall | Foust 6  
    General office duties
    Technology     Donnie Cobb | Hunt 103  
    Answer phone, type, file, run errands, work in labs
    Telephone Center Amy Lenning | Webb 100 
    answer phone & route calls, directory assistance for faculty & staff, greet visitors & give directions at window  
    Trio Programs/Counseling Dr. Vicki Spruiell | Foust 6  
    Answer phone, type, send e-mail, make copies-general office procedures
    UWA Campus Police Chief Jeff Manuel | Armory  
    Clerical Assistant  
    UWA Campus School  Kim Smith | Armory