• What is Sponsored Programs?

    The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) assists University of West Alabama faculty, administration, and staff through the grant seeking process for sponsored programs and research. Sponsored Programs refers to external sources of funding including Federal agencies, State of Alabama agencies, and foundations. The office is the central coordination point for all proposals involving restricted grants for programmatic and research initiatives. The office will help to identify funding sources, assist in the planning and preparation of proposals, maintain records and support the production and mailing of completed proposals. When funding is received, technical assistance is available during implementation.

     In simple terms:

    Grant Development
    (Writing, Submitting, Implementing, Evaluating, and Reporting)


    Sponsored Programs has the responsibility for the following:

    • Disseminating Information on a variety of programs
    • Researching funding opportunities based on UWA Mission and Priorities
    • Working closely with faculty teams in grant development
    • Conducting team meetings and community partner meetings
    • Maintaining contact with sponsoring agencies
    • Procuring necessary guidelines and application forms
    • Providing editorial services, reviewing draft proposals and budgets
    • Giving general advice on strategies to maximize the effectiveness of the application
    • Assisting with transmitting proposals to the sponsoring agency
    • Providing technical assistance in implementing funded grants
    • Assisting, if needed, with required reports to sponsoring agencies
    • Conducting grant writing workshops for faculty