• Welcome 2

    Blackbelt Gardens

    Welcome 3

    Tiger Growl!

    A new member of the UWA community, the bronze tiger statue watches over students as they walk to Young Cafeteria.

    Welcome 1

    Webb Hall

    One of the core buildings of campus, Webb Hall houses many administrative offices.

    Welcome 5

    Break between classes

    Students enjoy a few moments of rest between classes.

    Welcome 4

    Nature at Work

    Many areas of campus are filled with colorful flowers and greenery throughout the year.

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    Recent News

    • 2016 SGA Announced

      UWA Student Government Association officers elected

      Newly elected UWA Student Government Association officers include, Hunter Winborne, president; Jonathan Knox, vice president; Adriana Stanton, business manager; and Hannah Jackson, secretary.

    • 2016 Sucarnochee Folklife Festival

      Sucarnochee Folklife Festival set for April 16

      The festival slogan for this year, “Sucarnochee: 12 Years in the Making,” joins the Alabama Tourism Department’s “The Year of Alabama Makers” theme in recognizing the importance of all makers across the state, including skilled craft workers who make or create things by hand— everything from traditional craft, music and food artisans, to industrial and commercial production artisans across Alabama.

    • 2016 Employment Recognition Ceremony

      UWA recognizes employee longevity

      The University of West Alabama recently honored 42 longtime employees for their years of service to the Livingston institution. UWA presented custom-designed gold or silver lapel pins, some adorned with rubies and diamonds, to those with tenure of 10 years or longer.

    • 2016-05-12 Black Belt Quilt Trail

      UWA to host Black Belt Quilt Trail

      Dedicated to the Black Belt Quilt Trail, this unique session will include tours of existing quilt blocks located at sites along the trail and informative presentations and workshops that will provide participants with ideas, tools, and resources to make their own block and become a part of the trail.

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