• UWA offers customized yearbook

    Posted: July 02, 2013

    Author: Sydney Meeks

    After a brief stint of discontinuing its yearbook production, the University of West Alabama will soon offer a customizable yearbook that will give students a unique opportunity to personalize their books with pictures of friends, family, or life at UWA.

    “This new yearbook produced by Key Color, Inc. (KCi) will be very similar to a traditional yearbooks—but with a twist,” said Vice President of Student Affairs Danny Buckalew. “Students will have the option to add up to 100 pictures to their customized section.”

    According to Buckalew, customization is key to a yearbook that students will enjoy for years to come.

    “We stopped producing the yearbook two years ago due to lack of student participation,” Buckalew said. “Even though they were paying a annual yearbook fee, many never picked up their copies of the book. The biggest complaint was that if they were not in the yearbook they didn’t want it. Now, they have a way to capture their own favorite moments with friends and incorporate those to the University’s core yearbook.”

    The customizing process that KCi offers is simple and offers students a more unique yearbook that truly reflects their time on campus. By logging in to a user-friendly site, students can easily personalize their book with a drag-and-drop interface for photos. Folders of campus photography taken by yearbook staff are available for students to use to customize their books.

    Every book will include a core of pages dedicated to groups like honor societies and other official organizations, as well as general campus images. The two-fold project serves to assist students in collecting their favorite memories from UWA and to enhance the University’s archive annually and capture history as it unfolds.

    “The University will bring back a yearbook staff to manage the core of the book,” Buckalew explained. “Students will have involvement in the production of the book, supervised by various members of the Student Affairs staff. We will have an editor, student photographers, and staff members.”

    Clubs and groups can also create a sub-core with pictures from their special events throughout the year. They can save the book so others can combine it with their core book and add more photos to it.

    Students have the option to buy a yearbook with or without senior portraits. Both versions include photos of campus, student life, and athletics. The yearbook will be printed and delivered to homes within 10 days of purchase.

    UWA will begin compiling the yearbook in the fall, and the book will be available for students to customize in the spring of 2014.

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