• Nursing2
  • Associate in Science in Nursing Program Requirements

    EH 101, Written English I 
    EH 103, Honors English I
    BY 231-2, Human Anatomy and Physiology I and II
    BY 240, Applied Microbiology
    EMS 254, FIrst Aid, CPR, AED for Nursing
    PY 100, General Psychology
    PY 310, Developmental Psychology
    Humanities/Fine Arts Elective
    NS 101, Pharmacology
    NS 102, Foundations of Nursing Practice I*
    NS 103, Foundations of Nursing Practice II*
    NS 201, Maternal-Child Nursing
    NS 202, Adult Health Nursing
    NS 203, Mental Health Nursing
    NS 204, Advanced Adult and Critical Care Nursing
    NS 205, Preparation for Licensure

    In addition to completion of the course requirements for the Associate in Science in Nursing, students must achieve a passing score on a nationally standardized exit exam in order to be approved for the registered nurse licensure exam (NCLEX-RN).

    *LPNs may challenge clinical components of these courses.