1. All members of The University of West Alabama student body, faculty, staff, and visitors who operate vehicles on the campus are required to register any vehicle driven on campus with the University Police Department.
      a. Students will register their vehicles online as a part of the registration procedure, and then pick up their hang tags at the designated location.
      b. Students arriving on campus after fall semester registration should register vehicles at the Campus Police Department.
      c. Even students attending on-campus classes only one night a week are required to purchase hang tags.
      d. Registration fees are : 
          1. Faculty/Staff—$5.00 annually 
          2. Resident Students—$15.00 annually 
          3. Commuter Students—$25.00 annually 
          4. Community Members—Free (expires annually) 
          5. Visitors—Free
    2. Once students have paid for vehicle registration, hangtags may be picked up at the Office of Public Safety. Faculty and staff may pay registration fees at OSP. To obtain your hangtag, you must:
      a. Show proof of liability insurance for vehicle to be registered.
      b. Show a valid Driver’s License. 
    3. Visitors should secure a Visitor Permit from the Campus Police Monday - Friday between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.


    1. Hang tags are valid for students until the end of the summer semester.
      a. On-campus drivers must renew hang tags each year at the beginning of fall semester.
      b. Hang tags can only be used by individuals who have a registered vehicle.
      c. Unauthorized possession or use of a faculty/staff or student hang tag will result in disciplinary action.
      d. Hang tags must be properly hung and visible on the rear view mirror any time the vehicle is being operated or parked on campus. This includes weekends and holidays, etc.
      e. Hang tags located in other places on the vehicle other than the rear view mirror will result in a citation being issued.
    2. Faculty and staff must register his/her vehicle with the University Police every year at the beginning of fall semester.
    3. Hang tag Colors:
      a. RED hang tags are issued to students residing in the University Housing.
      b. RED hang tags with WHITE STRIPES are issued to students living in Hoover Apartments.
      c. WHITE hang tags are issued to students living off campus.
      d. WHITE hang tags with RED STRIPES are issued to members of the community.
      e. GREEN hang tags are issued to faculty and staff of The University of West Alabama. One hang tag will be issued for each faculty/staff. Children of faculty/staff attending UWA may not use a green hang tag.
      f. Graduate assistants will be issued a student hang tag according to residence. A green hang tag WILL NOT be issued to graduate assistants.


    1. From 7:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. (Monday-Friday) vehicles must be parked in the zone categorized by color of hang tag.
      a. RED hang tags in the University Housing Areas.
      During restricted hours, no red hang tags are allowed in these zones:
      Bibb Graves, Foust, Wallace, Library, Pruitt, and Webb.
      The Campus Police will strictly enforce this rule and there will not be an appeal for these tickets. Permission may be granted to those students with special projects for class but they must contact the Campus Police Department before parking in these areas.
      b. RED hang tags with WHITE STRIPES should park in the designated Hoover parking lot near Wallace Hall.
      c. WHITE hang tags in the designated commuting zones and overflow parking areas.
      d. WHITE hang tags with RED STRIPES in white zones.
      e. GREEN hang tags in the green zones and white zones for overflow.
      f. Visitors on campus may use spaces other than Blue, Green or Yellow.
      g. Parking is not permitted on grass under any circumstance. 
    2. Before 7:00 A.M. and after 6:00 P.M. parking is not restricted. 
    3. No parking zones and handicap zones are enforced 24 hours a day. 
    4. ALL vehicles are required to be registered in order to park on campus.
      a. Guests or visitors between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. must pick up permits to park on campus at the Campus police Department.
      b. Persons or groups sponsoring events and inviting guests to campus must notify the University Police Department of the event, the approximate number of guests and the parking areas they will be using. Additionally, they should make arrangements to obtain visitor parking passes for their visitors. 
      A. Spieth, Selden and Sisk Hall
      B. Reed and Stickney Hall
      C. Patterson Apartments


    1. The above will not be operated or parked in a manner that creates a hazard to traffic, pedestrians and recreational areas.
    2. The above will not be operated in buildings or on lawns or sidewalks.
    3. They will not be parked in a manner that obstructs entrances to buildings or driveways.
    4. Helmets are required on all motor-driven cycles.
    5. Special permission for parking trailers, boats, or RVs on campus must be given by the Chief of University Police.


    1. Each bicycle used on campus must be registered. Although there is no registration fee, this will give OSP valuable information in the unfortunate event that your bike is stolen. You will be provided with a bicycle decal upon registering your bicycle.
    2. Bikes secured in such a way that interferes with academic and residence hall entrances or exits are a potential liability if the building must be evacuated. Therefore, bicycles secured in doorways or on stairwells will be impounded and owners will be assessed a $25 fine.
    3. Bicycles not secured to bicycle racks will also be impounded and owners will be fined $10. This includes bikes secured to trees, shrubbery or signage.
    4. Please be courteous to pedestrians and obey traffic laws if traveling on roads.
    5. Wear a helmet to protect yourself in the event of an accident.


    1. Registration and Hang Tags:
      a. All city and state regulations and all directive signs governing the use of vehicles shall be observed at all times.
      b. The registrant of a vehicle is held responsible for the safe operation and proper parking of his vehicle, regardless of who may be the operator. A ticket is not excused on the plea that another person was driving the vehicle, or that the ticket was never seen.
      c. Failure to register vehicle.
      (No Hang tag): $25.00
      d. False information in obtaining hang tags at time of registration and all hang tag violations can result in cancellation of vehicle driving privileges on campus. 
    2. Improper Parking
      1. Fines related to improper parking will increase with subsequent violations of the same type.
      2. Accumulation of three tickets of any nature will result in immobilization of vehicle and suspension of driving privileges on campus. 
          a. Parking in faculty/staff zone: $25.00/$50.00/$75.00 
          b. Parking in "No Parking Zone": $25.00/$50.00/$75.00 
          c. Double Parking: $25.00/$50.00/$75.00 
          d. Parking on grass: $25.00/$50.00/$75.00 
          e. Restricted time zone parking: $25.00/$50.00/$75.00 
          f. Blocking traffic lanes, driveway or crosswalk: $25.00/$50.00/$75.00 
          g. Parking in fire lanes or blocking hydrants: $25.00/$50.00/$75.00 
          h. Parking in Handicapped Zone: $100/$200
      The Campus Police may tow a vehicle abandoned in a non-movable condition or unattended on a street, road, or parking lot for a period of seven days. NOTE: Violation of any parking regulations could result in vehicle being TOWED away. 
    3. Speeding:
      a. First Offense: $25.00
      b. Second Offense: $50.00
      c. Third Offense: $75.00, plus loss of driving and
      parking privileges on campus.
      NOTE: The speed limit on campus is 20-25 MPH unless otherwise posted. 
    4. Other Moving Violations:
      a. Dragging or squealing tires.
      b. Wrong way on a one-way street
      c. Running a stop sign.
      d. Driving on wrong side of street.
      e. Failure to stop for pedestrians at properly marked cross-walks.
      f. Operating a motor vehicle on grass or sidewalk.
      NOTE: Any of the moving violations are $25.00 for the first offense. Driving privileges will be revoked on second offense. 
    5. Other Moving Violations - Reckless Driving:
      a. Reckless driving is a violation of more than one moving violation in one action. Persons operating a motor vehicle in a manner harmful to life or property will be charged with reckless driving and will be fined $25.00.
    6. The violations in SECTION V can result in legal action by the civil authorities.
    7. Littering:
      a. Littering: $25.00/$50.00/$75.00
      b. Third time offenders will be subject to disciplinary action.
    8. Loud Noise - radios/horns/mufflers: $25.00
    9. Other : $25.00


    All tickets are payable within 5 days. After 5 days a $10 late fee will be added. Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays are excluded. Failure to pay fines will result in grades being tagged and/or legal action by the civil authorities.
    After three citations in one given semester, motor vehicle operating privileges will be revoked for the remainder of the semester.
    To appeal a ticket:
    a. Fill out an appeals form at the University Police Office no later than the due date of the ticket.
    b. A person appearing before the Appeals Committee will be notified of the verdict reached at the conclusion of the meeting. Failure to pay fine after 5 days will result in added cost to the violator.
    c. Failure to meet with the appeals committee forfeits the right to appeal.
    d. The following reasons are NOT acceptable grounds for dismissing a parking or traffic citation. 
        1. Lack of knowledge of the Traffic and Parking Regulations; 
        2. Inability to find a proper parking space/no parking space available; 
        3. Inclement weather; 
        4. Late for class; 
        5. No permit displayed/failure to obtain proper permit; 
        6. Permit used by another person/operation of the vehicle by another person; 
        7. Failure of officers to ticket previously for similar offense; 
        8. Disagreement with the Traffic and Parking Regulations.


    Any accidents, which occur on campus and result in damage to property or persons, must be reported immediately to the University Police Office.


    If a student moves from one residence hall and commutes, or if a commuting student moves to a residence hall, it will be his/her responsibility to come to the University Police Department and get the proper hang tag. It is also the responsibility of on campus drivers to obtain a hang tag once

    For Additional information, contact:
    The University of West Alabama Police Department
    UWA Station 50
    Livingston, AL 35470
    (205) 652-3682