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    Out-of-State Scholarship Recipients Now Receive In-State Tuition Rates

    Beginning fall of 2014, all out-of-state students receiving a scholarship under the new “Talent Scholarship” program will receive in-state tuition rates. Students who enrolled prior to 2014 and are currently on out-of-state scholarships will continue receiving the scholarship awarded to them for being out-of-state students. Current out-of-state scholarship students who enrolled prior to fall of 2014 and go through the process to change their status to in-state, will be subject to losing their out-of-state scholarship adjustment which was given to them when they were admitted to the University. 

    To be considered for academic, leadership or alumni scholarship assistance a student must meet unconditional Admissions standards (19 or higher ACT and 2.0 or better GPA) and apply for admission and scholarship by April 15.

    Trustee awards are not available to online students or to international students who are attending UWA through a partnership program or memorandum of agreement with another university or college and/or who have special UWA scholarship provisions.