• Software Secure, Inc. Data Protection Policy

    Software Secure, Inc. (“Software”) has built a system to maintain both the integrity and confidentiality of student test data. The University of West Alabama (“University”) has mandated the use of the system to help ensure its distance learning program represents both the highest academic standards and greatest convenience to its students.

    Data Collected: The finger-scan collected by the Remote Proctor hardware device (RPPro only) is only used to authenticate the student attempting to enter an exam. The image collected is turned into data that can only be used again by the Remote Proctor.

    Secure Transfer: Exam Video is always transferred between the client software and the Remote Proctor website using an encrypted data stream channel.

    Restricted Storage: The servers are protected by firewalls, and access is limited only to those Software personnel required for maintenance and monitoring, and authorized University personnel.

    Limited Purpose: The videos collected by Remote Proctor are reviewed by authorized Software personnel only for the purpose of monitoring, administering and proctoring examinations. Software will make all exam videos available to the Authorized University personnel. Exam videos will not be transferred or sold to any other party.

    Software will transfer the exam videos to the University no later than one-year following collection. The University will maintain the videos for no more than one additional year before destruction.