• OSP Quick Facts

    Legal Name:  The University of West Alabama

    Employer Identification Number (EIN):  63-6001100

    Address:     The Choctaw Tavern 
                        UWA Station 47 
                        Livingston, Alabama, 35470

    DUNS Number:  968832394

    Type of Applicant:  Public/State Controlled Institution of Higher Education

    Tax Exempt Number (TNN):  N/A

    Authorized Institutional Representative:  Dr. Ken Tucker 

    Employer Entity Number:  N/A

    Parish/County:  Sumter County

    AL House of Representatives District:  N/A

    AL Senate District:  N/A

    U.S. Congressional District:  Alabama District 7

    Budget Facts

    Fringe Benefits:  The costs associated with providing benefits to University employees identified as sponsored-project staff are charged to sponsored projects as a specified percentage of salary and wages. Contact OSP for Fringe Benefit percentage amount.

    Calculating Fringe Benefit Costs:  Health Insurance contribution, Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, Retirement Matching contribution

    Students:  Undergraduate Student Wages (Minimum Wage as of 7/24/09: $7.25)