• Faculty


    Cannon Marsha

    Ms. Marsha Cannon

    Ms. Cannon received her BSN from the University of South Alabama in 1987. In 1997, she was awarded the MSN with a focus in nursing education from the University of South Alabama. Ms. Cannon’s areas of clinical expertise are adult health and critical care. She primarily worked in cardiac and medical intensive care units before entering the nursing education environment. Ms. Cannon has experience in licensed practical and associate degree nursing education. She was employed by a community college in a licensed practical nursing program before being employed by UWA in 1997. She has served as course coordinator of NS 102, Foundations of Nursing Practice I and NS 103, Foundations of Nursing Practice II. She currently teaches in courses of NS 201, Maternal-child Nursing and NS 204, Advanced Adult and Critical Care Nursing. Ms. Cannon has served as the chairperson of the Division of Nursing since September of 2008. She performs administrative duties in addition to classroom instruction in her role. Currently, she is enrolled in an Instructional Leadership doctoral program at the University of Alabama.


    Hanks, Mary

    Mary Hanks

    Mrs. Mary Hanks began her nursing career in the Spring of 1994 at DCH Regional Medical Center in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. She served as a staff nurse on a medical-surgical unit that specialized in orthopedic, urological and neurosurgery. In the Fall of 1999, Mrs. Hanks became an adjunct faculty member at Shelton State Community College where she worked as a clinical instructor with both Practical Nursing and Associate Degree Nursing students. In academic year 2009-2010, she worked with BSN nursing students in the clinical faculty role at The University of Alabama. She was promoted to Assistant Nurse Manager in 2005 and upon securing her Master of Science in Nursing degree in 2010 she accepted a Nurse Manager position at DCH Rehabilitation Pavilion before coming to The University of West Alabama in November 2011.




    Lashley Lynn


    Ms. Lynn Lashley


    Mrs. Lashley graduated in the first nursing class here at Livingston University in 1976. She received her BSN from the University of Southern Mississippi in 1983. In 1989, she received her Master in Nursing from Mississippi University for Women with an emphasis in Gerontological Nursing. Mrs. Lashley has clinical experience in the areas of adult health nursing, gerontological nursing, hospice and home health nursing. She began teaching here at the university in 1983. She received the William E. Gilbert Award for Outstanding Teaching in 1993 and 2002. Mrs. Lashley serves as the coordinator for Nursing 204 Advanced Adult and Critical Care Nursing. She also teaches in Nursing 103, Foundations of Nursing Practice ll and Nursing 202, Adult Health Nursing. She serves as the Student Nursing Association faculty advisor.