• UWA offers scholarship program for active military personnel

    Posted: February 28, 2011

    Author: Kent Partridge

    LIVINGSTON, Ala.– The University of West Alabama now offers a Military Scholarship Program to assist active service members in overcoming barriers to higher education and to say thank you for their sacrifices in serving our country. The scholarship is available for active military, Reserve and National Guard members who take online classes.  

    “We are so proud of the members of our military. They continue to sacrifice so much so that we can enjoy our freedoms and way of life,” said Dr. Martha Hocutt, UWA Online Programs dean. “We can never repay our military men and women for the price they pay for us, but we hope that this scholarship helps say thank you in at least one small way.”  

    Active military members enrolled in the baccalaureate degree programs offered through the College of Business will be awarded scholarship amounts that, coupled with the Military Tuition Assistance Program, could cover up to 100 percent of undergraduate tuition. Undergraduate degree programs currently offered by UWA Online include business technology, accounting and business administration. 

    Coupled with TA, active military members pursuing a master’s or education specialist degree through UWA Online may qualify to have up to 90 percent of graduate tuition covered. The UWA Division of Online Programs offers more than 30 graduate level degrees in areas such as early childhood, elementary and secondary education, as well as counseling, library media, instructional leadership, teacher leader and special education.  

    Scholarships are awarded at $121 per credit hour for both graduate and undergraduate courses, up to $363 per course. In most cases, military TA covers $250 per credit hour or $750 per course. Tuition for online baccalaureate coursework through UWA Online is $379 per credit hour and $417 per credit hour for master’s and Ed.S. courses. 

    Active duty military scholarships are available immediately. Those interested in applying for a military scholarship should contact Hocutt at mhocutt@uwa.edu or (205) 652-3675. Recipients will be required to provide documentation of their active status in the U.S. military.  

    For additional information, please contact Kent Partridge at (205) 652-5442 or kpartridge@uwa.edu.  


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