• UWA Board of Trustees to meet March 7

    Posted: February 22, 2011

    Author: Meaghan Gordon


    LIVINGSTON, Ala.—The University of West Alabama Board of Trustees has announced information regarding the upcoming quarterly meeting Monday, March 7 at 1 p.m. in the Bell Conference Center on the Livingston campus. 



    I.          Call to OrderII.         Roll Call 
    III.       Approval of Agenda 
    IV.       Approval of Minutes for December 8, 2010 
    V.        Report of the Board President (Mr. John Northcutt)           A.     Report on the Association of Governing Boards Strategic Finance Workshop  
               B.      Change of June Meeting Date from June 7 to June 13, 2011 
               C.      Finance Committee Budget Workshop (May 17-20, 2011) 
    VI.       Approval of the Executive Committee Minutes from January 24, 2011 
    VII.      Report of the Student Affairs Committee (Ms. Becky Lewis)VIII.     Report of the University Facilities Committee (Mr. Tom Ballow) 
    IX.       Report of the University Provost            (Dr. David M. Taylor, Provost) 
              A.       Leadership Development Program 
              B.   Online Programs 
                    1.    Enrollment 
                    2.    Online Testing Center 
              C.   Status of Graduate Dean and Director of Admissions and Enrollment Management Searches 
              D.   Transition to Web-based Catalogues and Handbooks 
              E.   Other
    X.         Report of the University President (Dr. Richard D. Holland) 
    XI.       Adjourn 


    In addition, two committees will also meet Monday, March 7, prior to the board meeting:  

    Student Affairs Committee  
    UWA Webb Hall, Room 239 (President’s Conference Room) 
    9 a.m. 
    The committee will discuss residential life, financial aid, student activities, enrollment and other student affairs business.   

    Facilities Committee  
    UWA Webb Hall, Room 239 (President’s Conference Room) 
    10 a.m. 
    The committee will discuss additions and upgrades to the University’s facilities. 


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