• UWA offers burn manager certification

    Posted: April 08, 2011

    Author: Betsy Compton

     LIVINGSTON, Ala.— The University of West Alabama’s Black Belt Conservation and Research Institute, in cooperation with the Alabama Forestry Commission, will host an Alabama Certified Prescribed Burn Manager course May 24-27 at Alfa Environmental Hall in Livingston.

    Course instructors Kent Hanby and John Stivers together have more than 80 years of experience in managing landscapes using prescribed fire as a primary tool. For the course, the pair will offer training in essential management strategies.
    “Whether you are a single tract landowner or manage thousands of acres, prescribed fire training should be part of your land management plan. Fire application should be conducted in such a way to ensure that management objectives will be met, while minimizing the likelihood for escaped fire and smoke liability,” said Dr. Lee Stanton, BBCRI director.

    Since the course spans four days and offers 32 contact hours, it requires substantial commitment by the participant. Each day begins at 8 a.m. and ends at 5 p.m. except. On the first day students should arrive by 7:30 a.m. for check in. In addition, students will be required to score greater than 70 percent on a final exam to qualify for certification. Attendance at all sessions is required in order to receive CFE and be eligible for certification.

    Although an Alabama Certified Prescribed Burn Manager course can exceed $300 without lodging costs, support from UWA and the BBCRI has reduced participant fees to $100. Lodging will be provided free-of-charge on the UWA campus. Support has also been provided by the Sumter County Soil and Water Conservation District. The registration deadline is May 1 for those requiring lodging.

    All participants are expected to review the material at https://fp.auburn.edu/fire/ in the history, science, and fire behavior sections. Although there are no pre-requisites, there will be a pre-study test on the first day of the course.

    Prescribed burn management programs offer certification in controlled application of fire to naturally occurring vegetative fuels for ecological, silvicultural, agricultural and wildlife management purposes. Specified environmental conditions and following appropriate precautionary measures allow fire to be confined to a pre-determined area, allowing for planned land management objectives.

    The Black Belt Conservation and Research Institute is a program of UWA’s Center for the Study of the Black Belt, whose mission includes encouraging scholars and citizens to address the region’s challenges by promoting its abundant and unique natural historical, and cultural resources.

    To register for the course, please contact Lee Stanton at lstanton@uwa.edu or 205-652-3415.
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