Trustee Professorship:  To honor excellence in teaching/advising, scholarly/creative activities, and leadership/service to the University among full-time faculty members. 
    2011 Richard Schellhammer History
    2010 Doug Wymer Environmental Sciences
    2009  Micky Smith  Mathematics 
    2008  Tom DeVaney  Education 
    2007  John McCall  Biology 
    2006  Robert C. Ware  Psychology 
    2005  Joe B. Wilkins  History 
    2004  Tina Naremore Jones  English 
    2003  Donald Salter  Biology 
    2002  Louis Smith  Secondary Education 
    2001  Jason Guynes  Art 
    2000  Walter Pittman  History 
    1999  Mary Pagliero  Romance Languages 
    1998  Sharon Underwood
    Joe Taylor
    Computer Information Systems
    1997  Roy Underwood
    R. T. Floyd
    Athletic Training
    1996  Alan Brown
    Patricia DeMay
    Richard Holland
    Professional Staff:  To honor loyalty, leadership and service to the University among full-time staff members. 
    2011 Emily McInnis Registrar's Office
    2010 Jason Gardner Student Activities
    2009  Pamela B. Hall  Student Support Services 
    2008  Michael Pratt  Information Systems 
    2007  Mitzi Gates  Upward Bound 
    2006  Tammy White  Career Services 
    2005  Patricia Pratt  Institutional Effectiveness 
    2004  Vicki Spruiell  Director of Counseling Services and TRIO Programs 
    2003  Mamie Reed  Asst. Director Aux. Services 
    2002  Nancy Taylor  Teacher Certification Officer 
    2001  Paul Stewart  Director of Information Systems 
    2000  Richard Hester  Director of Admissions 
    1999  Clarence Egbert  Registrar 
    1998  Merle Peper
    Danny Buckalew
    Dean of College of Business
    Director of Student Affairs
    1997  Robert L. Holycross  Director of Physical Plant 
    Support Staff:   To honor loyalty, leadership and service to the University among full-time staff members. 
    2011 Niki Hines Financial Aid
    2010 Tommy Hutchins Printing
    2009 Dianne Colquitt  Admissions 
    2008  Holly L. Holycross  Academic Affairs 
    2007  Becky Amato  Student Affairs 
    2006  Carrie Bell  BCC Manager 
    2005  Fannie Tucker  Liberal Arts 
    2004  Penny Dew  Athletics 
    2003  Doyle R. Truelove  Carpenter 
    2002  Kaye Bryan  Secretary to the President 
    2001  Arthur Presswood  Custodian 
    2000  Julian Ptomey  Media Technician 
    1999  Walter Earl Boyd  Grounds Foreman 
    1998  Coleman James  Custodian 
    Faculty/Staff Loyalty Awards: 
    1997  Curtis Dan Outlaw
    Micky Smith
    1996  Wm Michael Spencer
    Sylvia Homan
    1995  Earlene Lindsey
    Richard Holland
    1994  Glen W. Bridges  Faculty