• International Programs

    We are excited to have you interested in UWA. We strongly believe that your presence at UWA will provide an opportunity for members of the university and local communities to gain a broader knowledge of the global community that we all share. We are pleased you have chosen to study at the University of West Alabama and want to assist you in realizing your academic goals and in living comfortably in our community.

  • Considering recent events, the University of West Alabama and its Office of International Programs would like to reaffirm our commitment to serving all faculty, staff, and students from across the globe. UWA will continue to support our 180 students from 28 different countries along with faculty, staff, and their families and encourages anyone that may be affected to contact the Office of International Programs.

    International Admissions


    Office of Admissions
    UWA Station 4
    Livingston, AL  35470
    205.652.3578 (voice)
    205.652.3881 (fax)


  • Admission Deadlines

    No admission will be granted unless all required documents are received by the Office of Admission by the following dates:

    Fall Semester:  May 1
    Spring Semester:  October 1
    Summer Semester:  March 1