• Abraham Lincoln Statue installation in the Lincoln Memorial, Washington, DC, 1920
  • History Program Requirements

    Degree programs offered by the College of Liberal Arts and its departments share a common core of courses. Students in these programs must complete the Basic Curriculum, and the major curriculum listed below.

    One of the following sequences:
    HY 101, History of Western Civilization I
    HY 102, History of Western Civilization II
    HY 103, Honors History I
    HY 104, Honors History II

    HY 211, American History I
    HY 212, American History II
    HY 300, Historical Methodologies and Practices
    HY 400, Seminar in Historical Studies
    Electives in History (from the 300 and 400 series)* (18)


    *All History majors must have at least one non-American elective.