The University of West Alabama residential dining program is operated by ARAMARK®, a professional food service corporation. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are a time of camaraderie when friends, professors and guests all come together to enjoy a fine meal and each other's company.

    Affectionately referred to as "The CAF", the Young Hall Cafeteria offers a wide selection of all-you-can-eat meals. Meal choices include classic home style meals, a pizza bar, deli sandwiches, hamburgers and fries, and a salad bar.

    All first-year freshmen, and students that live in a residence hall room without kitchen facilities, are required to have at least a 14 meal plan.  A 9 meal plan (or larger) is required of all other residents.  Hoover residents who have lived on the UWA campus for at least two semesters are exempt from the meal plan requirement.

    14 meal plans consist of any 14 meals during the week (out of 19). This plan is required of residents living in Gilbert Hall and Selden Hall.

    9 meal plans allow you to eat any 9 of the 19 meals provided during the week. This plan is required of residents living in Reed, Patterson, Stickney and Hoover.

    Although not required by any residential option, students may choose the 19 meal plan. This plan is the most economical, providing the opportunity to eat every meal offered during the week at The CAF.

    For more information, check out the UWA Campus Dining page.