• Chemistry 5
  • Chemistry Teacher Certification Program Requirements

    Degree programs within the Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences and the Department of Physical Sciences in the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics share a common core of courses. Students in these programs must complete the Basic Curriculum, the appropriate core curriculum for their major as listed below and the major curriculum.

    Core Curriculum for Chemistry Comprehensive, Biochemistry, Forensic Chemistry, and Chemistry Majors: 25 hours 

    CH 241 . Organic Chemistry I (4) 
    CH 242 . Organic Chemistry II (4) 
    CH 308 . Seminar in Chemistry (1) 
    CH 321 . Analytical Chemistry (4) 
    CH 351 . Physical Chemistry I (4) 
    CH 352 . Physical Chemistry II (4) 
    CH 471 . Biochemistry I (4)

    Chemistry (Teacher Certification): 29 hours 

    Approved Chemistry Elective (300-400 level) (4)


    Students pursuing teacher certification in Chemistry should follow the pattern listed above. Students should refer to the College of Education section of the Catalogue for a listing of additional requirements for teacher certification.