• 30k head

    If you have space on your vehicle’s windshield or bumper you can participate in  30k in 30 Days UWA Roadway Challenge, a movement to put UWA on every roadway in the nation. All you have to do is place a decal bearing the UWA logo on your vehicle and “wear” it proudly as you drive.

    The decal, made of high-quality, UV-protected vinyl, is given to you free of charge during the 30k in 30 Days promotion, so showing your support for UWA in this way won’t cost you a dime.

    Decals will be given away at events on campus, and also at area businesses.

    To get your decal, stop by Webb Hall room 332 or Student Union Building room 203-D.
    For more information, call 205-652-3892 or email pr@uwa.edu.

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